Review: Wet ‘N Wild “Bare It All” matte lipstick

I’d been looking for a nice wearable nude lipstick for some time. I came across the Wet ‘N Wild section at my local Wal-Mart and noticed these matte lipsticks. The price was $2.99, I mean…How do you beat that!? So I decided to go for it (even though I’d told myself NOT to buy any..more…makeup. O_O) The price sort’ve won me over. (Buying on impulse is sooo bad!)

So it is a very matte, very opaque lipstick..which is exactly what I was looking for. Let me tell you, I absolutely LOVE this shade. It is currently my favorite nude lipstick (even over my higher-end neutral lipsticks). I’m fairly tan (NC40) - So it’s very easy for someone my skin tone to go with the absolute WRONG neutral shade and look like horribly washed out. Unless…that’s what you’re going for. :) 

However if you’re right around my skin tone, this shade is perfect. Gives you just the right amount of ‘nude’ without going too light. I’ve been using this almost every day. :)

The only negatives I must point out is that it is a bit drying - So I highly recommend pairing it with a lip gloss on top or a lip balm underneath (you should do this with all lipsticks anyways). Also, the packaging. I like that it’s nice and simple, but I found that it’s a bit flimsy. But, again. For $2.99… You really can’t complain much if the product is really amazing. :)

I really hope Wet ‘N Wild doesn’t discontinue these lipsticks! I may have to get back-ups just in case.. LOL. 

You can find these at any local drugstore that sells Wet ‘N Wild products (usually CVS, Walgreens, Wal-Mart). 

(Source: beautymarx)

22 Aug 2011